Not for long and DJ Lions new album is finally available worldwide. After the recently released first teaser in the form of his “Reticulation EP“, it is time to let the second cat out of the bag. Please buckle up, here comes the second single release, let’s go!
Light Shooter” is a fierce techno singer with an intoxicating bassline and cleverly arranged interjections. The B side “Ganga Jamuna” rolls smoothly and supposedly unstoppable, until the climax of a sudden drop follows. But immediately afterwards the beat picks up speed again and rushes away. Once again DJ Lion does not disappoint us, instead we marvel at the never-ending creative output of the talented artist.

We are looking forward to the upcoming album. Do not expect less than 100% Lion in it.

The second EP “Light Scooter” has been available for download on Beatport since September 13th as well as on iTunes. From September 27, the EP will be available at all download portals and streaming services.