Stefano Secci, who experienced his first musical endeavours on beautiful Sardinia, shaped his production skills in Germany before returning to his mother country where he since has released numerous EPs that caught our attention. Now he is finally making his debut on Harthouse with his new “Rave EP” for which he teamed up yet again with the highly talented Luca Cudrano.

The name of the A-side ‘Rave‘ hits the nail on the head. ‘Rave’ is a hypnotic monster that triggers nostalgic feelings of dark and boiling hot clubs full of excessively dancing ravers that had lost track of time due to the moment’s momentum. Pushing foward from the beginning ‘Rave’ develops into a massive anthem that will keep you in suspense till the end.

Step Sequenzer‘ rounds of this hell of an EP which doesn not mean the guys drop a gear. Instead they have created a blazing dark, yet again extremely energetic and danceable main floor banger that we would describe as an evil beauty that we could listen to in an endless loop.

Respect to Stefano Secci and Luca Cudrano for this huge two-tracker that can be expected to heat up the dancefloors worldwide in the beginning of the new year 2019. Welcome to the future!