Finnish melodic doom metallers Kaunis Kuolematon have released their highly anticipated new album “Mielenvalta“, today, October 13 via Noble Demon.

Since their formation in 2012, the band has embarked on a relentless quest to push the limits of their craft, creating a unique and mesmerizing brand of melancholic metal that resonates with fans from all corners of the metal spectrum. Brace yourself for a sonic journey that transports you to a realm where beauty and brutality coexist, where haunting melodies intertwine with savage screams, and where the boundaries of metal are shattered. The album “Mielenvalta” is available in physical formats and on all major streaming platforms.

A new video for the album’s opening track, “Surussa Uinuva“, has also been released today.

Kaunis Kuolematon on “Surussa Uinuva“: “Surussa Uinuva is a track about loathing in melancholy and / or depression. The more you give to it, the more it takes. Keeping mental gaze locked in positive is the true minds reign – the soundtrack is deliberately quite fast paced indulged with anxious movement and arrangement that describes well the struggle or escape to a more balanced mindset. The question in this song  “who will wake up the one quiescent in sorrow” – that is the one experiencing it, keeping in mind that circumstances may create a bubble that sometimes needs to be popped from outside.

So the point is that even depression can be a personal reaction to extrapersonal conditions that needs to be sorted oneself, so let‘s make this life better for everyone and keep in mind that the burden is not always seen from the outside, so comprehension or compassion without direct interference goes a long way also.”

With their latest album “Syttyköön Toinen Aurinko“, featuring lyrics entirely in Finnish, Kaunis Kuolematon has already left an indelible mark on the scene, garnering praise from fans and critics alike. With their new album “Mielenvalta” the band’s development reaches new heights, promising an immersive experience that will leave you breathless. The album showcases their growth as musicians and songwriters, delivering a collection of tracks that are both emotionally charged and musically captivating. From the hauntingly beautiful melodies to the raw power of their sound.

Album release party:

October 10, 2023 Helsinki FI – On The Rocks (Album Release Show)

CD and vinyl editions of the album “Mielenvalta“:

CD Digipak

LP (Silver/Grey Marbled Vinyl)

Bundle releases of the album “Mielenvalta“:

CD Digipak + T-Shirt

LP (Silver/Grey Marbled Vinyl + T-Shirt)

Zipped Hoodie

All physical copies of the album “Mielenvalta” can also be purchased at Bandcamp and our Shop, among other places.

Kaunis Kuolematon - Surussa Uinuva (Official Music Video)


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Kaunis Kuolematon - Surussa Uinuva (Teaser)


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