Experience the concentrated power of electronic music with Rico Puestel’s new EP “My Truth“. As an early trained pianist, self-taught guitarist and drummer, Rico Puestel has a deep understanding of music and its effect on the body and mind. His music is an expression of his personality – powerful, positive and constantly driven.

My Truth” is a foretaste of his upcoming album “There is Truth and Method to my Madness” and offers honest dancefloor-oriented techmno. The EP contains the tracks “Solarius“, “Rieloh 6” and “Yard“, which all convince with their unique combination of driving beats, hypnotic melodies and powerful basslines.

As a musicologist and Zappa enthusiast, Rico Puestel knows exactly how to get to the heart of his music. His tracks are perfectly mixed and offer a listening experience that transports you to another world. He is a fighter, neurotic and martyr of art who lets you feel his passion in every note.

With “My Truth” you not only get great music, but also a piece of personality and passion. Experience Rico Puestel live and let yourself be carried away by his energy and character drive. “My Truth” is the perfect soundtrack for any party or club night. The EP is proof that Rico Puestel is a true, constantly driven electronic music producer and performer who expresses his passion and talent in every track.

Rico Puestel - Solarius (Harthouse)

Rico Puestel - Rieloh 6 (Harthouse)

Rico Puestel - Affection (Harthouse) I Album Teaser

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