Hailing from Bahía Blanca, Argentina, Melodic Death Metal solo artist Plaguestorm just announced its worldwide signing with the German label Noble Demon. Founded by Sebastián Pastor in early 2014, being a true master of his craft, Plaguestorm delivers a wide range of furious and raging Melodic Death Metal. Sweeping melodies, heavy, dark and melancholic arrangements, mixing the old and new Scandinavian sound of Death Metal, as if it were based on a Swedish manufacturing standard.

Says Sebastián Pastor about the signing: “I am very proud and excited to join the Noble Demon family! Being part of the roster on a record label has been my dream since I was a teenager, this is a great opportunity to bring my music to many ears around the world. I am very grateful to Patrick and Noble Demon for trusting me and my music, hopefully we can do great things together. This is definitely a big step in my musical life.”

Furthermore, to celebrate the signing in glorious style,Plaquestorm and Noble Demon announced the re-release of the 2015 – debut EP „Everything’s Gone Wrong“ and Pastor’s recent full length record „Mother of Plagues“. Two releases that have taken the heavy scene by storm, receiving praise by magazines and specialized zines but also featuring well known guest musicians such as Björn Strid (Soilwork), Mikael Sehlin (Engel), Fabio Bartoletti (Fleshgod Apocalypse) and many more.

The Bringers Of Death (Official Lyric Video)

Your Evil Intentions (Official Music Video)

While Plaguestorm has already started working on a new album, expected to be released in late 2020, a killer appetizer of what to follow in the not so distant future can already be heard and seen in the latest lyric video for the track “The Bringers Of Death“.

More information about the project and the releases: Plaguestorm