On 24 July, UCM.ONE‘s label Sektor X-Berg 36 will release the first three of a total of seven Emmanuelle films from the French series in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the early 1990s, with “Emmanuelle in Venice“, “Emmanuelle in Africa” and “Emmanuelle in Tibet.” 

The books

From 1959 a total of four “Emmanuelle” novels appeared under the pseudonym Emmanuelle Arsan. The protagonist’s autobiographically told erotic experiences propagate a liberal approach of the sexes to each other without jealousy and sexual taboos. The books were underground bestsellers for years.

The films

The first Emmanuelle film with Erika Blanc in the title role was released in Italy in 1969, but was a commercial flop. In 1974 followed with “Emmanuelle” the first movie of the “classic” series with the Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel in the title role. It was enormously successful in France as well as internationally, it was shown in Paris alone for more than eight years and attracted more than 3 million viewers.

This success created a real Emmanuelle avalanche, including numerous knock-offs. Typical for the films are the exotic locations, the detailed philosophising about love and the elaborately filmed sex sequences.

The series

In 1993 the French TV station M6 broadcast the cult series of seven television films based on the Emmanuelle films. Marcela Walerstein plays the young Emmanuelle while in the framework story she is played by the “classic” actress Sylvia Kristel. Ex-James Bond George Lazenby is also starring. Emmanuelle comes, as in the movies, to many exotic locations and experiences exciting erotic adventures.