For a split second. A blink of an eye, a moment. If you break music down into its component parts, you are left with single notes, single beats, and many small rests.

In a remix, the processor tries to extract exactly these elements of a track and combine them in a new way. On the EP “Fraction de Seconde (Reworks)” by Matthieu B. is impressively managed no less than six times to create new visions and versions from a given title, so that as a result a new wealth of creativity and ideas has emerged.

The six remixes of “Fraction de Seconde” come from EXa, Monori, Sven Kegel, Cami`L, Rode Zayas and Matthieu B. himself and combine as a whole to create a new work of art, which has now been released on the Plastic City Suburbia label.

Matthieu B. - Fraction de Seconde (Rework) [Teaser] | Plastic City

More information about the label: Plastic City