Boris Brejcha‘s album “Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns” (English translation: “The Machines Control Us“) is a very special album. Because it is an album which, at the same time as Boris Brejcha‘s first album “Die Maschinen sind gestrandet” (English translation: “The machines are stranded“), was offered in a limited edition exclusively as a CD via the humpty mail order at the time. The albums differ in their artwork and a few different titles and mixes.

Boris Brejcha – Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns

(Limited 3×12″ White, Yellow and Grey Splattered Vinyl in a Gatefolder)


Track list:

A1 Wellenreiter

A2 Brainstopper

A3 Das Model


B1 Die Maschinen Kontrollieren Uns

B2 Schlachtfest

B3 Die Maschinen sind Gestrandet (Second Edition)

C1 Outer Space

C2 Ich Zeige Es Euch

C3 White Snake


D1 Die Lustgrotte

D2 Wir Leben!

D3 Wellenreiter (2.0)

E1 Arche Noah

E2 Quietsche Entchen



F1 Filterbank

F2 Lothingin

For the first time on vinyl, the album is now being launched as a limited 3xLP edition. The album “Die Maschinen kontrollieren uns” can be pre-ordered from today, e.g. at Bandcamp, and is expected to be shipped after December 15, 2021.

Boris Brejcha is the current hero of high-tech minimalism. Boris was trained in drums and keyboards in his childhood, which was a perfect school for the next chapter – producing and performing electronic dance music. His humor resonates in his productions as well as his preference for unconventional parts.

Continuously doing without conventional sounds, guitars and classical instruments, he is always exploring elements that have never been heard before. He began to show his talent on multiple stages and online labels.

His first unthinkable digital releases quickly topped multiple online charts and after being affiliated with Harthouse, he released two digital singles that made a huge impact on the European electronics scene.

In fact, the name Boris Brejcha can be found in the playlists of the most famous DJs – and has been since the release of his first album „Die Maschinen sind gestrandet“ on the German label Harthouse.

The label acts as a platform for his extremely pioneering work. The future is now and the main message is to be unpredictable yet far-reaching like no other.

Surprise follows surprise by taking some familiar spices from electronic dance music, adding in some delicious secret ingredients from Boris Brejcha‘s research – boxing and messing everything up with effects like heaven and hell! Deep, clear, clicky, effective, dirty, diverse, surprisingly avant-garde, a tight-fitting, sporty, elegant sound experience for everywhere.

More information about the artist: Boris Brejcha

More information about the label: Harthouse