Ken Ishii debuted on the legendary Belgian techno label R&S Records in 1993. In that year he straight won No.1 on the UK’s NME Magazine’s techno chart, which led him to worldwide recogniotion. In 1995, his highly praised first album “JELLY Tones” (R&S Records) was released. In the following years he followed numerous collaborations, single and album releases which led him to worldwide success. Being successful in the music industry since more then 20 years is simply outstanding and shows that Ken Ishii is one of the most unique artists of the global heavyweight techno in the scene which got to offer till today.

After his “The Bounder EP” in 2014 Ken Ishii returns now to Harthouse with a massive two tracker
Bitter End & Skeptics”. Both tracks are perfectly made for the dancefloor and we are super excited having Ken
back on Harthouse again. All in one a brillant Techno EP which will make you move.