Oscar is not feeling well. His ex-girlfriend Alex has flared his apartment and now he’s garbing in a shabby basement dike. But then he meets Masha. She is not feeling well either. Again and again she ends up in bed with older men, who can not satisfy their excessive need for closeness.

Together Oskar and Masha fight against loneliness and let themselves drift through Berlin. However, the agreement to not have sex regrets Oskar quickly – at the latest when Alex pushes back into his life and tries to disperse the two. All the more, Oskar now longs for Masha’s physical love and instead gets drunk sex with Alex, only to realize that loneliness is even worse when the ex watches it. Slowly it becomes clear that a radical decision has to be made. Oskar and Masha drive tents. Fuck.

About Tom Lass

Tom began his acting career at the age of 15 in Munich. Since then he has been involved in more than 40 film and TV projects. From 2005 he also worked behind the camera as a production assistant. His first experiences with the concept of cinematic improvisation he made as an actor in the short film “Stiller Frühling”. In 2008 he finished his first short film as a director, “0 + 0 = 1”, and founded the production company LASS BROS together with his brother Jakob Lass. Ever more convinced of the concept of improvisation – films without a screenplay – he finally turned his first feature film “Papa Gold”, which was honored at the Achtung Berlin Festival 2011 with the Prize of Film Critics. “Kaptn Oskar” is his second feature film, which he improvised as a director and actor. Tom lives and works in Berlin.


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