From April 15-22, 2015, Berlins third biggest film festival achtung berlin – new berlin film award presented again new motion pictures, documentaries and short films which have been produced or shot in Berlin-Brandenburg. On top of this they organized again a competition in various sections. This Year Lilli Meinhardt won the desirable price for here rule in the movie „Liebe mich!“ by Philipp Eichholtz in the category „Best actress“. Congratulations!

Substantiation of the jury:
„As a young actress throws with such verve in her figure that a very dizzy. Your Sarah is strenuous and easy, bold and despairing, helpless restless, wild and without compromise, hurtful and vulnerable, flirtatious and repulsive, loving and seductive, grateful ungrateful. An octagon in a circle – like life. It was an adventure, watch her. It is looking forward to everything yet to come. Thank you Lilli Meinhardt!”


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