Not so long ago we introduced Jürgen Kaisr to you, an incredibly versatile and skilled music enthusiast that gave us a massive treat with his amazing “One Chord All The Time EP“. And if you remember our excitement about that EP it’s no wonder we invited him back.

Spoiler alert: it was so worth it! Jürgen did it again with his new “The Stumble EP“. A few seconds into the A-side we find ourselves in a percussive wonderland that could be somewhere in Africa, Latin America or wherever else people are blessed with a natural sense of rhythm. Lively, light-footed, joyous… this track is quite a masterpiece.

Back in musically more familiar realms Jürgen Kaisr shows off his versatility and understanding of music with his track “The Low. Damn, it seems this guy must have been exposed to all kinds of groovy music during his embryonic development already. But it’s not only the groove but all the tiny little bits of pieces that make his sound so organic and unique.We all know music that seems totally replaceable and out of the box. Well, lucky you. Jürgen Kaisr‘s sound is not “off-the-peg” but as real as the man himself and with “The Deep” as the final track on the EP he proves just that..

Jürgen’s music is not intrusive. It’s subtle, classy, cool and extremely sophisticated.Thanks for this impressive follow-up.