Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and also the highest god in the religion of the Roman Empire. With this background, you can expect really great things for the second single “Jupiter” from the upcoming Bucher debut album “Restart“.

And “Jupiter” is the perfect big litter. An epic house track, almost about 8 minutes long, full of glamor, wide epic spheres and emotional density. In astrology, Jupiter stands for expansion, happiness, religion and philosophy. You can feel all of this in Tom Bucher‘s wonderful track down to your toes.

Tom Bucher‘s interest in music began when he was 3 years old, beating his mother’s cooking pots. At the age of 9 he took his first drum lessons. He later became a drummer in a rock band. In 1993 a good friend piqued his interest in electronic music. Professional DJ appearances soon followed. At first he played techno and trance. However, he later preferred house, which is still his favorite music.

And so Tom Bucher‘s solo album “Restart” is the perfect symbiosis of stunning house sounds and beats, with approaches of light pop structures. The second advance single from the album “Lipstick” is positioned directly between the dance floor and hit radio.

Bucher - Jupiter (Plastic City) | Teaser

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