The earth’s atmosphere protects us from harmful UV and X-rays from the sun. Their noble gases regulate the temperatures on earth, which make life possible.
The atmosphere also means a feeling that music can create. Time for this place and the feeling of building a track, thought Jürgen Kaisr. And for a moment the feeling creeps in, “The Atmosphere” is much more of a dance track. The beats, the sound and the vocals tell a story in classic songwriter style.
Jürgen Kaisr has been releasing his singles and EPs on Plastic City Suburbia for a year now and with the versatility of his tracks you quickly realize that this is all about music, the search for the best idea, the optimal sound with no barriers in mind. Now Plastic City 
Jürgen Kaisr is also a film producer and director, which simultaneously drives his music into visual adventures with a pinch of humor. Track two of the EP “The Girls wit the Bell” is a completely different trip into an African atmosphere. In the end we end up at the campfire on track 3, which we hear crackling. Above it is a jazz beat with a funky bass over which the light melodies blaze.

Jürgen Kaisr - The Atmosphere (Plastic City) | Teaser

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