Finland’s industrial metal heretics King Satan have officially inked a worldwide record deal with Noble Demon, who will release the band’s highly anticipated fourth album, “The Devil’s Evangelion“, in late 2024. To kick off the excitement surrounding the upcoming release, the band has unleashed a music video for the first single, “New Aeon Gospel“.

“‘The Devil’s Evangelion’ will be a concept album focusing on duality and the paradoxical nature of reality. This concept stems from a trickster-like narrative convinced of being possessed by the devil, leading to an experience of reality through the devil’s eyes,” comment King Satan, revealing further details about the first single: “New Aeon Gospel as the opening song describes the beginning of this experience, which in the nature of paradoxes can be madness for some and a moment of catharsis for others. We took many influences from ancient religious chants, hymns and psalms to compose the album, and this song is perhaps one of the strongest examples of that, filtered of course through the means of our brand of extreme metal.”

King Satan presents a genre-fluid extreme metal spectacle that fuses electro-industrial, symphonic black metal, and death metal elements with the raw energy of rock’n’roll, emerging as a unique blend between shameless shock rock and chaotic avant-garde theater.

Founded in late 2015, this genre-fluid group is the brainchild of enigmatic artist Mr. King Aleister Satan (Henget, Saturnian Mist), which has evolved from its electro-aggrotech origins into a full-throttle industrial metal band over the years. The act’s vision of extreme metal brings forth an anarchistic blend of carnivalesque artistry, absurdist dark comedy, occult intrigue, and in-depth philosophical ponderings, served in an intoxicating blend of rocking dance beats, thought-provoking lyrics, mesmerizing melodies, and addictive hooks.

A fusion that is suitable for both dance floors and mosh pits and which the band themselves describe as Death Metal Disco“. With all these elements, the band defies conventions and embraces controversy the way which should not really make much sense on paper – and yet, it has consistently helped to create more and more buzz for the band wherever they go.

Foto von Joonas Juntunen
Photo by Joonas Juntunen

But King Satan is more than just a mere musical entity; Known for their infectious charisma and captivating performances, it’s a live experience that electrifies stages and captivates audiences.

With a reputation solidified by three full-length albums and viral chart-climbing singles in Finland and Germany, they’ve graced renowned festivals like Tuska Festival, Nummirock Metal Festival and Dark Malta Festival.

The group has also toured in Europe in several countries, headlining their own shows and supporting revered acts like Gothminister, Deathstars, Battle Beast, Hocico, Nachtmahr, and Turmion Kätilöt on the way.

King Satan consists of King Aleister Satan (Vocals & Programming), Hekate Boss (Keyboards & Vocals), EF-13 (Guitar), Jerry Rock’N’Roll (Bass-Guitar) and Pete Hellraiser (Drums & Programming).

Mr. King Aleister Satan about the band’s future and signing to Noble Demon: “We are absolutely thrilled to announce this devilish pact between King Satan and Noble Demon Records! We really know we are now in the right home at Noble Demon roster as we are not only encouraged to do what we do already, but to do that with their full support! Even it might get dirty! And of course, in the world of absurd, it always does. So, indeed, let’s get dirty! The Devil’s work is never done! Hail Noble Demon Records and Hail Satan! Chaos is the Law!

King Satan - New Aeon Gospel (Official Music Video)

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