On Saturday 26 August, “Heiko’s World” by Dominik Galizia (Darling Berlin) will be the last film to be shown at Kino Zukunft am Ostkreuz in Berlin. The film will be shown three times in a row at 5.30 pm, 8 pm and 10.30 pm.

Kino Zukunft at Ostkreuz, part of Berlin’s alternative cultural hub, is facing extinction after its lease was terminated in 2021 and interest from new investors in office and start-up buildings and expensive student housing left no room for the cinema.

Nevertheless, there is good news: The cinema has found a new location in Alt-Stralau 68 and started a crowdfunding project to raise money for the move. The new lease is for a limited period of time, as the site is earmarked for the construction of the A100 motorway in the future.

The film whimsically tells the story of a son who saves his mother’s eyesight by playing darts and drinking beer. The film is now in its 35th week in cinemas and has so far reached more than 25,000 viewers in German cinemas.

Heiko’s World” is a wacky, loving ode to – and odyssey through – Berlin’s corner pubs with their very own fauna of original characters, full of unexpected twists and turns, and with a main character who grows on us on her beer-soaked hero’s journey.

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