After “My Truth” follows with “My Method” another foretaste of Rico Puestel‘s upcoming album “There is Truth and Method to my Madness“. The EP contains the tracks “And Descend” and “Dualist“, which once again convince with Rico’s understanding of harmony and production talent.

As a musicologist and Zappa enthusiast, Rico Puestel knows exactly how to get to the heart of his music. His tracks are perfectly mixed and offer a listening experience that takes you to another world. He is a fighter, neurotic and martyr of art who lets you feel his passion in every note.

The EP is further proof that Rico Puestel is a true, constantly driven electronic music producer and performer who expresses his passion and talent in every track.

Rico Puestel - Dualist (Harthouse)

Rico Puestel - And Descend (Harthouse)

Rico Puestel - Affection (Harthouse) I Album Teaser

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