Actually the new album ‘Divine Judgement‘ by Gomorra should be released physically on CD and vinyl as well as digitally today and should stir up the heavy metal scene. Due to the Corona crisis, caused by the Sars-CoV-2 virus, and the resulting closure of the shops and the resulting lack of possibilities to offer the CDs and vinyls of the album worldwide on the release date, the band and the label Noble Demon decided to postpone the release date to May 22nd, 2020.

Gomorra consists of the experienced and virtuoso thoroughbred musicians like Damir Eskic, part of the German thrash metal legend Destruction (as well as former student of Tommy Vetterli / Coroner, ex-creator) and members of other established metal acts, e.g. the formation “Gonoreas“.

The postponement of the album release led to the idea of spontaneously releasing an additional single from the upcoming album on the originally planned release date. And so today instead of the planned album the single “Hope For The Righteous” will be released to make at least a small additional part of the album already audible. Damir Eskic describes the title as follows: Hope For The Righteous is an energetic and dynamic song that fits perfectly into today’s situation. It is about the last remaining hope for humanity. Full of strong melodies and heavy riffs this song symbolizes the richness of hope for a better future for all of us”.

Produced by V.O. Pulver at Little Creek Studio (Destruction, Burning Witches, Nervosa…), “Divine Judgement” is a dynamic and powerful release of pure metal, not to be missed in 2020!

Gomorra - Hope for the Righteous (Official Lyric Video)

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