Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us happy. With over 20 years of successful career, Gabriel Sordo is one of those artists who has managed to keep his music as puristic and pure as possible while creating the maximum impact that speaks for itself.
His new EP on the Plastic City label called ‘Ciudad Plastico‘ comes with a lot of good summer mood and a hell of a groove around the corner reminding us that we are dealing with a thoroughbred Mexican.
The first of a total of four tracks named ‘Ciudad Plastico‘ sets the mood for this colorful EP. An unobtrusive, shuffling beat peppered with relevant lounge vibes is followed by ‘Gaby’s House’, a track characterized by an energetic rhythm and a powerful shifting bass.

Midnight Call’, another groove cracker, skilfully joins its predecessors along with a female voice that accompanies the listener through the track. Last but not least was ‘Naranja Mecanica‘, which completes the EP successfully. Once again, the listener is invited to marvel at Gabriel’s arts and join in a dance.

From September 25, 2019, this EP will also be available on all other download portals and streaming services.

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