Under his stage name Forteba he has produced outstanding deep house and tech house singles and albums for the UCM.ONE music label “Plastic City“. Now the Hungarian-born artist presents his first lounge longplayer “System Comfort” under his real name “Krisztian Dobrocsi” for the label “Mole Listening Pearls“.

Krisztian Dobrocsi comes from the Hungarian town of Vac, where he found his true vocation relatively early: to produce electronic music of all colours. Starting with breakbeat and chill-out music, he soon ventured into the world of four-four rhythms, deeply inspired by the German Deep House.

For “Mole Listening Pearls” he has now found a more colourful, almost cheerful colour for his music with his album of 13 tracks. “System Comfort” sounds organic and like pulsating but relaxed life.