The track “Plough” is taken from his forthcoming album “Weitermachen!” and gives you a little foretaste of Sikora‘s formidable craft. Besides the original version there are three more interpretations on board and let us tell you: one excels the other.
We get started with the “Defective Version”, a monstrously industrial-like sound experience, as underground and raw as it gets. Let’s move on to the more musical, a lot more reserved yet not less impressive and intoxicating “Electrified Version”. Sikora demonstrates his versatile production skills, especially when you consider the way more peak time approach of the original version with its generously distorted and heavy drums.

Last but not least there’s the so-called “Chemical Version” which turns out to be a masterclass in creating a wide, atmospheric and twisted tapestry of sound that will cause aha moments and broad smiles across-the-board. Considering the fact that all this is just a little foretaste of the album, we can be truly excited.