Love Steaks

Original Title Love Steaks
International Title Love Steaks
Release Date 2014-Oct-31
Original Languages German
Country of Origin Germany
Subs German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese
Year 2013
Runtime 89 minutes
Genre Drama, Comedy
Director Jakob Lass
Cast Franz Rogowski, Lana Cooper, Kerstin Abendroth

A luxury hotel. Steaks are fried. Massed bacon rolls. Clemens (tender) comes as a baby in the spa. Lara (good through) has to assert herself in the kitchen pack. The elevator brings the two together. They rub against each other until it pops. Clemens (Franz Rogowski) is shy, polite and just finished his training as a massage therapist. During his first job in the spa of a luxury hotel on the Baltic Sea, he bumps into the lift on the quick-fix Lara (Lana Cooper), who initially can not smell him at all. She designs her hard everyday life as an apprentice in the hotel kitchen according to her own rules. She massages steaks and wants fun. He massages bacon rolls and loves peace. He does not participate in her crazy actions. But then it bangs violently between this unequal pair, they fall in love with skin and hair, unrestrained, determined to find a place in the other’s life. Even if that means teasing the antagonism down to the blood to soft knead it – until things get out of hand and both have to make a decision …

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