Ernih makes his debut on the Galvanic label with a brilliant EP called “Wooded place to hide“. With the tracks “Barako“, “Falafel” and “Hashia” the Argentinian defines his talent and his passion for the Deep House genre.
Barako” dispels darkness with a brilliant melodic melody. “Falafel” with flawless grooves and proggy chord stitches has a more dreamy character. Furthermore, with “Hashia” we have a title that takes the listener on a breathtaking sound journey and lets them lose in the music.

There is also another title, a remix of ‘Hashia‘, which was produced by the Argentine artist “Dark Soul Project“. “Dark Soul Project” which has released many releases on labels like Sudbeat, Hope, Manual Music, Flow, Tulipa, Release, Subtract Music, Silence Trough Music, Sudam and JOOF.