Before the Berlin-based DJ Lion releases his long awaited album, we already have a little foretaste to offer: His current single “Reticulation” contains two tracks, one of which is part of the upcoming album, the other one is an exclusively produced track for this release by the Balkan technopioneer.
After his past very strong releases DJ Lion has remained true to himself and continues to meet all the growing demands of his audience. “Reticulation” is once again a massive statement and has taken its audience with it from the very beginning. There is no doubt that the beat marching forwards, full of hypnotic sounds, will raze all dance floors to the ground.

The B-side can be seen as a tribute to “The Prodigy“. DJ Lion succeeded in his typical way to be inspired for this title by the band “The Prodigy” as starting point and to further develop this approach with his refreshing spirit with his technoid way of thinking. This second title is an absolute self-runner, there is no doubt about it.

The new single by DJ Lion is now available for download at Beatport. On August 23 this release can also be purchased or listened to at all other download portals and streaming services.