The two singles “Hale Bopp Mutation (Part 1)” and “Hale Bopp Mutation (Part 2)” from Der Dritte Raum can be pre-ordered from today at Bandcamp. The title Hale Bopp, which has inspired and delighted generations of producers and millions of music enthusiasts, not only deserves a lot of respect but also a princely treatment in the event of a new edition. Let’s go with the new “Hale Bopp Mutation” bundle of Der Dritte Raum including the very first version from 1997, two new edits and five (!) New remixes is about to pound down on every ear canal.

Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp Mutation (Part 1)

(Limited 12″ im Picturecover)



A1 Hale Bopp (Eternity Variation)

A2 Hale Bopp (String Illusion)


B1 Hale Bopp (Rico Puestel Flaugergues Remix)

B2 Hale Bopp (Bassface Sascha Remix)

© Harthouse / UCM.ONE

Der Dritte Raum – Hale Bopp Mutation (Part 2)

(Limited 12″ im Picturecover)



A1 Hale Bopp (Mirco Niemeier Remix)

A2 Hale Bopp (BSB’s Stella Polaris Remix)


B1 Hale Bopp (Dj Lion Remix)

B2 Hale Bopp (First Version April 1997)

© Harthouse / UCM.ONE

The round starts with the extremely relaxed and sophisticated “Eternity Variation” version. Super atmospheric as well as complex and perfectly transferred into the present, you wouldn’t want to believe that the original is almost 25 years old.

The next, so called “String Illusion” version is a stunning beauty. As the title suggests, a “Physical Modeling Orchestra” presents us with the illusion of a string interpretation that makes it really difficult for us to express our admiration for it. The striking mechanism was recorded by “Form Zwo” in a hangar on a (many for sure) known airfield on the Müritz.

With Rico Puestel‘s “Flaugergues Remix” it becomes electronic again. With a buttery soft flowing carpet of sound peppered with light-footed percussion elements, Rico sets new standards in storytelling. Germany’s drum’n’Bass heavyweight Bassface Sascha delivers an outstanding remix with a refreshingly different approach. And yes, “Hale Bopp” paired with broken beats fits like a fist on the eye. All the different musical interpretations make this overall package surprisingly versatile and exciting.

Mirco Niemeier, who no longer needs a real introduction and contributes an acid-soaked killer remix, contributes a mix bursting with joie de vivre. Immediately afterwards another mood follows. BSB‘s “Stella Polaris Remix” definitely deserves the description of a journey through unimagined soundscapes that – if we had our way – should never end. The Danish thought leaders are not only responsible for the popular “Stella Polaris Chill Out Festival”, but also for this great piece of music.

And just before we think we’re reaching the stratosphere, DJ Lion brings us back down to earth with his heavily pumping Peak Time Remix. And who knows this man, knows that he does not take prisoners and knows how to deliver like few others. His version of “Hale Bopp” is an impressive homage and an uncompromising main floor banger.

At the end of the second vinyl singles we are happy to present you the very first “Hale Bopp” recording from April 1997. Back then, the eponymous comet could be observed in the sky with the naked eye. You can’t help but get sentimental when you think of the incredible story this track would one day write … and still write to this day.

Hale Bopp (Eternity Variation) | Teaser

Hale Bopp ( DJ Lion Remix) | Teaser

Hale Bopp (Rico Puestel Flaugergues Remix) | Teaser

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