Now it’s time to dive into the pulsating groove of Claus Pieper: “LOFT 15 A“. The Fulda-based music producer and DJ has had a major impact on the electronic music scene for three decades with projects such as Genlog, Eigenart and Triance. Now he proudly presents his latest masterpiece LOFT 15 A, released today on Plastic City and promising a truly exceptional listening experience.

The track “Where did you go away” invites you to dance on a wave of driving deephouse beats, while a captivating pianoline and soft vocals caress the senses. Claus Pieper has created a perfect fusion of infectious rhythms and catchy melodies that will take you to a new dimension of music.

LOFT 15 A” is much more than just a release – it’s an invitation. An invitation to electronic music enthusiasts, longtime fans and newcomers alike. The sonic journey this song offers is rich with nuance and energy that will captivate everyone. It’s time to lace up your dancing shoes and get carried away by Claus Pieper‘s latest masterpiece.

LOFT 15 A” and its track “Where did you go away” take you on an unforgettable musical journey. Let yourself be carried away by the driving beats, seduced by the catchy piano and enchanted by the soft vocals. The dance floor is calling – be ready to feel the groove and experience the energy of the music. Dive in, enjoy and party to the hypnotizing sounds of Claus Pieper. Have fun diving into this soundscape!

Loft 15 A Where Did You Go Away (Plastic City)

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