Beneath My Feet have released their sophomore full-length record “In Parts, Together” via the German Noble Demon label. Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, on ten brand new songs (+ three bonus tracks) the band addresses profound topics such as abuse, trauma, anxiety and grief, while the album never loses its musical heavines and catchiness. With their combination of influences from the American metal sound and the British hardcore scene, Beneath My Feet have managed to deliver the long-awaited follow-up to 2014’s “Origins” that everyone was hoping for!

Their music combines heavy rhythms, pop-influenced melodic choruses and catchy riffs, an intense mix that not only earned the band a steadily growing name in the scene, but also several tours across Europe and gigs with bands like Dead By April, Amaranthe, The Unguided, Machinae Supremacy, Corroded and many others.

To properly celebrate the release, the band has also re-released their music video for the song “Far From Home“.

Beneath My Feet about “Far From Home“: Some have reached their destination, but their journey continues. Fighting a new war, no less real. Desperate to live.

Yearning to find their place. Searching for peace, finding none. Holding nothing but their hope.

Beneath My Feet are: Marcus Garbom (Vocals); Sebastian Kågström (Vocals), Emil Näsvall (Guitar), Mattias Lindblom (Bass) und Axel Moe (Drums).

Beneath My Feet - Far From Home (Official Music Video)

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