After his atmospheric masterpiece ‘Flam‘ from 2018 we are very happy to welcome Sikora with his new album “Nebelstrom” on the Harthouse label again. You might rightly ask yourself where on earth there is still room for a refreshingly new and distinctive sound in such a saturated genre as techno. Well… luckily there are still some inspiring creative people out there and Sikora definitely seems to be one of them.

Whereas the A-side “Nebelstrom A” with its repetitive, respectively hypnotic theme, which mutates into a brilliant climax, seems to be the epitome of pure, intelligent technos, the B-side “Nebelstrom B” proves to be a puristic playground for sound synthesis, which impressively proves how little is sometimes needed to achieve maximum effect. The release is rounded off by the title “Nebelstrom Linie“, an endless sound carpet without any percussion, which couldn’t sound more peaceful and carefree.