Tom Bucher‘s first solo album “Restart” is out today. However, the producer and DJ is not a newcomer to Plastic City. Since 2010 he has been circling the label with Christos Kessidis, among others, under the project “Bucher & Kessidis.

With the first three pre-singles “Lipstick”, “Jupiter” and “Hymless“, Bucher has already shown the enormous range of his album in recent weeks. The perfect symbiosis of stunning house sounds and beats, with hints of light pop structures. So “Restart” is an enormous departure into the vastness of electronic music.

Tom Bucher‘s first interest in music began at the age of 3, when he was drumming on his mother’s cooking pots. At the age of 9 he took his first drum lessons. He later became a drummer in a rock band. In 1993 a good friend sparked his interest in electronic music. Professional DJ performances soon followed. At first he played techno and trance. Later, however, he preferred house, which is still his favorite music.

Bucher - Restart (Album Teaser | Plastic City

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