Hungary’s musical pride Forteba takes us on another of his unforgettable journeys and includes three remixes by the highly respected BDTom, Diolenmobi and SpecDub.

Housing Estate” is a gorgeous tapestry of sound which creates an incredibly peaceful environment  which you wish to completely lose yourself into. Forteba’s patience, the room he allows the sound to unfold in as well as the very slow progression makes this piece a wonderful listening experience.
BDTom‘s interpretation adds a slighty more danceable touch yet he keeps the vibe as light and wide as the original. He sets the perfect tone and makes his audience completely fall for this atmospheric ride.
If you wish for an even more danceable version Diolenmobi‘s remix is it for you. This groovy and dreamy composition is a highly sophisticated and infectious listening pleasure.

Over the course of the EP we’ve continuously witnessed a slow but steady rhythmical progression.  Last but not least it’s SpecDub who drops the entire veil and calls upon us to unleash some serious hip swing. And of course we happily follow his lead.

Forteba‘s EP “Housing Estate” is available from today on Beatport and Spotify. The EP will be available on all other download and streaming portals from March 5th.

Forteba - Housing Estate (Plastic City) | Teaser

More information about the label: Plastic City