Tobias (Heiko Pinkowski) and bottle (Peter Trabner) are friends for life. Since their youth, the two have not been separated from each other for a day. Tobias is in the prime of his life, has wife and children. He is responsible. And yet he does not seem to grow up. With his buddy bottle he rocks the nightclubs and celebrates with young people whose father he could be. The two drink alcohol for nights and lying in bed during the day hungover. But the carefree lightness of youthfulness has long since vanished. Tobias is increasingly arguing with his wife Anika (Christina Grosse), his three children and his partner Thomas (Thorsten Merten), with whom he has founded an architectural office. Tobias loses his driving license, orders in the office, the love life with his wife and the joy of his children. Finally, he builds a car accident that almost costs the lives of his children.

Bit by bit, Tobias realizes that his friendship with Flaschen is no longer good for him and that it is now time to separate and go his own way. But when Tobias comes to this realization, it is long too late. Tobias can not get rid of the bottle. So the murderous spiral continues. Until it gets dirty.

* worldwide excluding Germany (G), Switzerland (S) and Austria (A)