Zornheym have announced the addition of their new drummer and the release of their latest single “None for All“. After the departure of Steve Pygmalion, Qual will be taking over the drumming duties for the Stockholm-based symphonic extreme metal band.

Reflecting on his time with the band, Steve Pygmalion comments: “Zornheym has been a significant part of my life since I joined in 2017. We have shared many memories and grown together as people and artists. I wish the band all the best and am excited for their upcoming album. Long live Zornheym!

Zorn, the band’s founder, expressed his excitement about Qual joining the group: “It felt natural with Qual right from the start! Filling the drum throne after both Angst and Steve is no easy task, but he is doing a fantastic job.

Qual, known for his work with bands like Prime Creation, Morifade, and Nephenzy, about joining the band: “I‘m extremely happy and proud to be a part of Zornheym and their crazy world. I have always been a fan of their cool mix of extreme metal, symphonic elements, good songwriting, and Bendler’s fantastic voice. And of course the whole Zornheym concept. I’d like to say a huge thanks to Zorn, Bendler, and Scucca for believing in me and taking me on this journey. And to all inmates of Zornheym, see you at the shows!

The first show with the new lineup will take place on July 5th and 6th at the Metal Theatre Festival in Kalmar, Sweden. So get ready for it and enjoy the band’s brand new single “None for All“, which already provides you with a first insight into Zornheym‘s new formation. The track is also accompanied by a music video.

As Zornheym embark on the next chapter in their musical journey in 2024, introducing a new drummer and releasing the anthemic single “None for All” they continue to push boundaries and deliver an electrifying live experience. The band’s commitment to their fans and the immersive world they have created is evident in their music and performances, promising an unforgettable experience for all who dare to enter the twisted realm of Zornheym.

Furthermore, if you want to follow and support the band more closely, make sure to check out Zornheym‘s Patreon here: Zornheym @ Patreon

Zornheym live:

05.07.2024: (SE) Metal Theater Kalmar festival
20.07.2024: (SE) Heavy Load festival – Norrköping
31.08.2024: (SE) Bulgasal festival – Västerås
06.09.2024: (DK) Raise Your Horns Festival – Rønne (with Havamal / Ondfødt)
07.09.2024: (SE) Palatset – Linköping (with Havamal / Ondfødt)

Zornheym - None For All (Official Music Video)

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