As part of the DJ combo “Moscow Chiks“, Russian Youlya played countless gigs and toured around the world since 2012. However, Youlya increasingly realized that the “commercial side” of the dance scene should not be her future, and then decided to leave “Moscow Chiks” and focus on leftfield-oriented music for a solo career in the club scene. She also started producing, looking for her own sound between electronic, techno, and jungle rhythms pervaded by layers of multi-layered percussion loops.

Their first release “Looking Back” will be released on [Feis] worldwide on 25.01.2019, but is already available for pre-sale. We are very excited about what awaits us in the future from Youlya! Even her first first publication shows that musically new exciting paths are being taken.

Regarding the title of her first “Looking Back,” Youlya said, “Sometimes you have to look back to creatively create something new in the future.”