Ready for the latest act on the Time Unlimited label? Then let us be enchanted by Image Beat with his brand new EP “Into Magnetics“! Having grown up near Frankfurt as a child of the first hour of the electronic movement and now with his own recording studio in Gießen, Image Beat knows exactly how to take you on a musical journey.
The EP consists of 5 powerful tracks that will captivate you with their driving beat and hypnotic melodies. The tracks on the EP are perfectly coordinated and together create an unforgettable mood. Whether you’re looking for a new party hit or just want to expand your music collection, Image Beat has created the perfect EP for you with “Into Magnetics“.So what are you waiting for? Get Image Beat’s latest work now and experience the magnetic power of his music first hand!

Image Beat - No More Radio Edit (No Gravity Edit) [Teaser] | Time unlimited

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