When Tom Wax and Thorsten Adler joined forces in 1994 for their musical project AWeX and one year later their single “It’s Our Future” was released on Plastic City, they had created a timeless masterpiece, which not only became the anthem of the Loveparade in 1995, but also inspired a whole generation of techno producers and fans. Since then “It’s Our Future” has been remixed by greats such as Carl Cox, Blake Baxter, Thomas Schumacher, The Timewriter, Watchman (aka Terry Lee Brown Junior), DJ Madskillz, Alex Flatner, Tube & Berger and Lützenkirchen.

Even today, over two decades later, the classic of AWeX doesn’t seem to have lost any of its popularity, which is why we have taken the opportunity to release many of the well-known remixes, some less well-known interpretations as well as a brand new remix of A*S*Y*S bundled.

A*S*Y*S aka Frank Ellrich impressively manages to live up to the name of the EP with his remix, as he perfectly transports the title “It’s Our Future” into the year 2019. With his remix’s irrepressible drive forward and his hymn-like sound power, A*S*Y*S has succeeded in giving “It’s Our Future” a facelift that is bursting with self-confidence and class.

Tom Wax presents AWeX - It's our Future ( A*S*Y*S Remix) |Teaser


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