On February 15, 2018, the children’s film “Queen of Niendorf” by director Joya Thome kicks off in German cinemas. The film is about the ten year old Lea (Lisa Moell). In Brandenburg have just begun the summer holidays, but the Lea does not drive this year as usual with her friends to summer camp. In general, she finds the other girls in her school increasingly stranger. And so Lea turns mostly alone on her bike through the village and visits the musician and dropout Mark (Mex Schlüpfer), who lives on a wild farm. One day, on one of her raids, Lea observes five boys hauling a large oil drum over the fence of the paint factory and racing away with their loot on a bicycle trailer.

Lea’s curiosity is aroused. At the next opportunity, she follows the boys and discovers that they have built a raft on a small lake. But the raft is the property of the gang, and girls are not allowed under any circumstances. Lea wants to be included in the gang and makes a dare. And from then on the summer seems to be full of adventure.

The film is to be seen f.e. in the following cinemas:

Aachen: Eden

Aschaffenburg: Casino

Augsburg: Thalia

Bamberg: Odeon

Berlin: Eiszeit

Berlin: Ladenkino

Berlin: Kulturbrauerei

Berlin: Wolf Kino

Berlin: City Kino Wedding

Berlin: Kant

Berlin: FaF

Berlin: Yorck

Berlin: Union

Dresden: Programmkino Ost

Dortmund: Sweet Sixteen

Frankfurt: Harmonie

Freiburg: Harmonie

Halle: Luchs

Hamburg: Zeise

Hamburg: 3001

Heilbronn: Kinostar Arthaus

Karlsruhe: Kurbel

Ingolstadt: Union

Kiel: Studio

Cologne: Cinenova

Cologne: Lichtspiele Kalk

Cologne: Rex

Konstanz: Zebra

Leipzig: Passage

Ludwigslust: Luna

Magdeburg: Moritzhof

Mannheim: Cineplex

Marburg: Cineplex

Münster: Schloss

Nürnberg: Cinecitta

Oberhausen: Lichtburg

Osnabrück: Cinema Arthouse

Potsdam: Thalia

Saarbrücken: Camera Zwo

Stuttgart: EM

Tübingen: Atelier

Queen of Niendorf | Kinotrailer

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Press feedback:

3sat: “By the way, a star is born here.”

Artechock Munich: “Berliner Schule für Kinder? That should go? I promise and ask anyone who has doubts to give it a try; Parents with their children, grandchildren with their grandparents or best of all together. You’ll see that it’s alright, especially with such a great actress as Lisa Moell. “

Berlin Film Festival: “… Now, with” Queen of Niendorf “, she presents a charming, touching and warm-hearted film that has the potential to thrill many children and adults in the movie theaters. (…) “Queen of Niendorf” is a sensitive and calmly staged story of a strong girl, of true friendship and, despite serious moments yet wild-idyllic childhood summer in the country. “

dradio Kakadu: “A small film that is quite big on the whole.”

epd Film: “Thus rain showers become an immediate experience of nature and the summer nights a laconic staged idyll, accompanied by songs between lightness and heaviness. Lisa Moell plays Lea, as she slides stoically and without an obvious emotional emotion through the summer. Film & TV cameraman “Joya Thomes Königin von Niendorf is a children’s film for children and adults alike, who takes us to rural Brandenburg and the world of ten-year-old Leah. A remarkable achievement by actress Lisa Moell, which captivates audiences. “

Film Rezensionen: “Enthralling children’s film about a very special summer.”

Filmdienst: “The young filmmaker Joya Thome has financed her narrowly budgeted feature film debut via crowdfunding, because the time-consuming process by the funding agencies would have damaged not least the fascinating leading actress Lisa Moell by mere aging. A brave and very smart decision, because Moell’s almost stoic game and its deeply melancholic appearance are the capital on which the film can build. Because of her very own, no longer childlike sincerity, one would like to believe that Lea does not tell the boys what she actually observed in the basement of the firefighter … “

FilmFestSpecial: “The strength of the film is that it keeps the children in the picture, lets them play and does not make them recite sentences.”

HR2: “My personal favorite is the debut film by Joya Thome. A wonderfully sensitive film. “

Kinderfilmblog: “The most beautiful, best German children’s film in a long time.”

Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung: “The great children’s film” Queen of Niendorf “enchanted as a kind of summer fairy tale of a somehow fallen out of time country idyll, in which a coming-of-age story about the timid transition from childhood to youth.”

SR1 movie tip: “The whole thing is really great played, entertaining but in between quite serious. I’m sure adults will love this movie as well. “

Süddeutsche Zeitung: “Queen of Niendorf” is not just a movie for children. Thome also meets adults who remember tree house adventures and Chupa Chups – and have not forgotten that the world was once too small for their desires. “

Tagesschau24: “The Queen of Niendorf is not only worth seeing for children, but also for adults who are inspired by a childhood in the countryside.”

Tip Berlin: “This finely delineated field of tension makes the film extremely well worth seeing for adults. Children, however, enjoy the adventures of a rural youth. “

Welt am Sonntag Kompakt: “The Queen of Niendorf also enchants the adult audience.”