“Ugly & Blind” (“Blind & Hässlich”) by Tom Lass (“Kaptn Oskar”, “Papa Gold”) has won the German Independence Award for ‘Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble’ at the Filmfest Oldenburg! We are extremely proud and congratulate the team and cast on this tremendous success at one of the most respected festivals in Germany – the Movie Maker Magazine even calls it the “Sundance of Germany”. The Advisory Board has honored “Ugly & Blind” with a Special Mention and praised particularly the “…strong ensemble performance…”.


With Axel Ranisch, Karin Hanczewski, Jakob Lass, Lana Cooper, Martina Schöne-Radunski and Amelie Kiefer in supporting roles, we meet many actors from other Darling Berlin movies in “Blind & Ugly”. Here is a short synopsis of the movie: Ferdi thinks he’s ugly – but likes the fact Jona is interested in him. Maybe because she’s blind. What Ferdi doesn’t suspect: She’s just pretending to be blind to be able to live cheaply in subsidized housing. How long can she maintain her charade? Can love, which is supposed to make you blind, even work out that way?


More information: Blind & Hässlich @ www.darlingberlin.de