Day, Night & Day” is the latest musical release from Roughage, the project of the talented Andreas Kettenbach. Known for his ability to create haunting melodies and profound electronic compositions with ever-driving beats, in this release he combines traditional electronic elements with innovative sounds to create an unforgettable musical experience.

A special feature of this track are the female vocals, which prove to be a real catchy tune and add an extra layer of emotionality and appeal to the track.

The release includes three different versions of the title track: an extended mix, a radio edit and a captivating remix by artist Image Beat. The extended mix offers a deeper and longer experience, ideal for those who want to delve into the intricacies of the music, while the radio edit presents a streamlined version for quick enjoyment without losing the musical depth. The remix by Image Beat brings a fresh perspective to the track, experimenting with tempo, rhythm and texture to create something completely new yet familiar sounding.

With its combination of atmospheric sounds, deep beats and unforgettable female vocals, “Day, Night & Day” is not only a must for fans of Roughage, but for all electronic music lovers who appreciate deep, atmospheric sounds.

This release on the German label Time unlimited is suitable for both relaxed evenings at home and energetic nights on the dance floor and promises to be a highlight in every listener’s music collection.

Roughage - Day, Night and Day (Radio Edit) | Time unlimited

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