With screenings in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Münster and Aachen, among others, the feature film “Talk to me“”(German title: “Sprich mit mir“), released on the German film label Darling Berlin, opens in cinemas today. Janin Halisch‘s debut film sheds light on the complex relationship between two women who struggle with misunderstandings and communication problems.

Janin Halisch’s profound, empathetic portrayal emphasizes the emotional conflicts and relationship dynamics of the characters, supported by visual metaphors and an expressive soundtrack.

The supposed vacation of mother and daughter at the Baltic Sea turns into an emotional journey for the contrasting women: Michaela is looking for distraction, Karo for peace and quiet. At the hotel, they meet Jochen and his daughter Marie, which awakens Karo’s longing for a fatherly bond and offers Michaela an escape from her love life. Marie reflects Karo’s missed youth.

Summary of the story

Karo (28) is newly separated and is struggling with her non-existent relationship with her father. When her mother Michaela (50) wants to take her on vacation to Rügen, Karo suspects another failed man story behind it. What begins as a spontaneous trip soon turns out to be a journey into the past of two women who couldn’t be more different: Michaela wants a distraction, Karo wants peace and quiet.

When they arrive at the hotel, they meet the newly divorced Jochen (60) and his teenage daughter Marie (16). For Michaela, Jochen is a vacation flirt and for Karo he could be the answer to all her questions and longings, while Marie is the mirror of a youth that Karo never had. Mother and daughter quickly realize that their absent father has left a void that is bigger and more painful than they thought. Old wounds are torn open and both try to heal in their own way and free themselves from their entrenched roles.

Producer Clara Gerst was honored for her work on “Sprich mit mir” with the “No Fear Award” at “First Steps” last year. Lead actress Alina Stiegler received the Max Ophüls Award for Best Actress for her role as Karo 2023.

Press reviews of the film

“Rarely has broken heart syndrome been staged better.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

“A refreshingly honest, authentically acted movie about the absence of fathers.” (Cinema)

“Authentically acted movie about the absence of fathers.” (TV Today)

“Janin Halisch’s directorial debut is a fine observation of a difficult mother-daughter relationship with excellent leading actresses.” (Aachener Zeitung)

“Alina Stiegler (Sprich mit mir) is Germany’s new acting hope” (Bild)

“An honest mother-daughter drama about unresolved issues. It sounds heavy, but is always interspersed with light humor.” (BZ Berlin)

“The drama shows the difficulties of relationships, both familial and amorous, and that the answers don’t just fall from the sky.” (Film Rezensionen)

“Director Janin Halisch cleverly and sensitively deals with the late coming to terms with the divorce of parents, growing up without a father, which can shape a whole life, and the sometimes tragicomic effects of a lack of communication between parents and their children.” (Berlin Film Festival)

“Janin Halisch’s first feature film, “Sprich mit mir”, which shines with credible dialog, largely convincing actors and not a few tragicomic scenes, is basically about the journey to oneself.” (Kulturküche)



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