Montag Mania is a good example that music is the only common language in the world and it doesn’t need a fixed scheme as long as it is made with heart. The pop duo comes from Sweden and their sound stands for futuristic, playful dance music. For Montag Mania, social media is not an issue. They want to deliver art with their music, for which they draw inspiration from all parts of the world.
The end result is an absolutely captivating blend of styles and somewhat psychedelic sounding recorded sounds.

Speech of Silence” (incl. remix) is a wonderful, dreamy indie-pop number with warm vocals, which will be released as a pre-order on Friday. The single will be released today, 16 December 2022, on the German label Mole Listening Pearls.

Montag Mania - Speech Of Silence | Teaser

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More information ab out the label: Mole Listening Pearls