Italy has produced many talented artists over the years. One of them is Stefano Pini, also known as “Moca“. Current release is a 4-track remix EP.

DJ Lion, one of four remixers, took care of “2067” and gave him a proper overhaul. Exciting from the first beat, this remix sounds like a declaration of happiness and energy, because DJ Lion manages to create an infectious atmosphere thanks to a massive synth lead. Vinicius Honorio‘s Rework is a monster remix of “Hive”. Techno “at its best” with tons of intelligent twists that keep the remix interesting and captivating from start to finish.

Another enrichment is Asio‘s alias R-Play’s remix of “Modulation”. It’s impressive how well he succeeds in merging different sounds with different temperaments into a homogeneous end product.

“Last but not least” rounds off the EP by Noaria, whose revision of “Traveling” is a deep and raw anthem full of melancholic moments that spread a hypnotic impulse. We’re thankful for each of the 4 remixes and expect it to be an absolute no-brainer release!