Here comes the fourth and last part of the EP series from Smilla‘s current album “Shift Sequence“. And what’s the saying? The best comes at the end. And so the two remix versions on the release are certainly another highlight and indulgence of the Harthouse project,

Rocky Garoni’s remix of the track “Freelance” dowels a few strong screws into the wall that holds any weight loosely. The hi-hat hisses, the percussion spills out of the rhythm kettle until all the hot steam fills the room. The last track of the EP series is dedicated to the title track of Smilla Album: “Shift Sequence” in the “Radom Remix” by Radom is then also the king transfer of the album. The controls are whirled so far to the left, right, front and back that the track almost gains a dimension. Wonderful!

Smilla - Freelancer (Rocko Garoni Remix) [Teaser] | Harthouse

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