Only recently Stephan Straka aka Sikora showed us once again with his album “Weitermachen!” on the German label Harthouse, How meticulously he explores the most diverse genres as a producer of electronic music.

In the course of his impressive career, Sikora made a name for himself early on as a creator of new sounds, moving beyond musical pigeonholes and fine-tuning his sound worlds with surgical precision. Now he directly goes on and presents with “Weitermachen! (Closer)” another masterpiece with which he brings more intimate, ambient sounds to our ears. While the predecessor goes on a rougher musical journey that is characterised by distorted, raw sounds that are at times experimental, then briefly take out the ambient blanket to then bring the listener ever closer to the dancefloor track by track, he has now adopted a warmer pace, which – as the title “Closer” already suggests – beyond the dancefloor keeps on knitting on the more cosy ambient blanket and moves further in the direction of electro.
With “Weitermachen! (Closer)Sikora pushes musical boundaries and conquers new, amazingly emotional and calmer sound worlds than we are used to from him, without sacrificing his characteristic love of detail and passion for music. A new journey lies ahead of us!

Yes, in fact, the phrase musical journey is often used inflationarily today. Sikora, however, gives this metaphor a completely new meaning and justifies it with the left.