Frankfurt-based Sikora is back on Harthouse with his incredible “Stromnebel EP” and boy he is serious! Just to let you know in advance: despite all the allegedly peaceful and soundwise wonderfully composed tapestries of sound,  this banger EP is not for the squeamish. But enough upfront credits, let’s get to it.

To be fair, with “Stromnebel ASikora grants us a user-friendly access to this constantly developing EP. Groovy and hypnotic vibes, a slightly gloomy atmosphere, subtle and crafty composition, “Stromnebel A” is highly sophisticated piece of music that pleases a demanding audience.
With “Stromnebel BSikora demonstrates his well-known versatility as a producer that we love him for. It’s such a highly atmospheric beauty that runs so smoothly and unobtrusively while yet being so strong and confident.
But yes, here we go: “Stromnebel Drücker” ist last… but not least! While the EP started rather smoothly now all hell is let loose! You feel write from the start that he shifts up a gear, or rather a couple of gears. “Stromnebel Drücker” has this eager and hungry vibe with a constant and unstoppable forward drive. But wait for the hihat thunderstorm to hit your auditory canals. We’re speechless!

The “Stromnebel EP” by Sikora is available from today on Beatport and Spotify and can also be found on all other portals from April 2nd, 2021.

Sikora - Stromnebel A (Teaser) | Harthouse

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