It is with great pleasure that we can announce that Sara Fazilat, producer, lead actress and co-writer of “Nico“, has been nominated for the “No Fear Award” at First Steps. Congratulations, and we‘ll keep our fingers crossed for Sara! The award ceremony will take place on 21 June 2021.

Nico“, a captivating yet humorous drama, is scheduled for release in Q4 2021 distributed by UCM.ONE on the Darling Berlin label.

The No Fear Award was first presented in 2012, the prize is intended to be a lasting commemoration of the visionary co-founder of First Steps, Bernd Eichinger. The No Fear Award pays tribute to Bernd Eichinger in his courageous, undaunted way of producing and fighting for films: without fear. Katja and Nina Eichinger, the founders of the award, feel it is important to honour strong voices among young student producers with this award in his tradition.

From the jury statement:

“This year’s No Fear nominees have realised their graduation films in very different ways. What unites them is an unswerving belief in the project.
Sara Fazilat is not only the producer of Nico, but also plays the lead role and does both breathtakingly well. She switches between the roles in front of and behind the camera with impressive naturalness, strongly influencing both the plot and the style of the film. At all times, the urgency of the diverse images of women told is in the foreground. This is also reflected in the team and cast that are clearly focused on it, proving once again how rewarding a consistent stance is.”


The self-confident and lively German-Persian Nico (Sara Fazilat) loves her job as a geriatric nurse and is popular with everyone because of her easy-going and sympathetic manner. She enjoys the Berlin summer with her best friend Rosa (Javeh Asefdjah) until a racially motivated attack suddenly tears her out of her carefree everyday life. Nico realises that she doesn’t belong as self-evidently as she always thought, and how much racism actually surrounds her. Plagued by flashbacks of the terrible attack, Nico withdraws more and more into herself. Not only Rosa loses touch with her, but also her patients do not recognise the once so cheerful young woman. Nico feels that things cannot go on like this and turns to the gruff karate world champion Andy. With him she begins a tough training programme and thereby manages to channel her anger and discover her own strength, but she also loses touch with herself and her old life. When Nico eventually meets Macedonian Ronny, a connection develops between the two women that causes Nico to question the path she has chosen.

Nico” is an important and moving film whose captivating lead actress makes the audience share every moment of her painful healing process.

More information about the award: First Steps – Der Deutsche Nachwuchspreis 2021