Darling Berlin reveals the tragi-comedy “Rocket Perelman” on  November 9th 2017  to German cinemas. In the leading role acts Liv Lisa Fries, who is currently celebrating a worldwide success with the TV series Babylon Berlin. Fries plays in “Rocket Perelman” Jen, who is looking for a new start in an artist community. In her mid-twenties she’s out of the city, out of the industry into a new life. But the „Rocket” needs money and the solution, how could it be otherwise, is in the art, more precisely in a theater production.


“Rocket Perelman is funny and dramatic and raises questions about the general cohabitation: how much freedom do I allow myself and how many compromises am I willing to make? Right in the middle: the sovereign Liv Lisa Fries (“Babylon Berlin”).” (TIP BERLIN)


“A debut film inspired by personal experiences that is not afraid of failure.” (TV GAME FILM)

“Rocket Perelman” is a witty, clever cinematic experiment, which was implemented by director Alaluukas with a winking humor and very lifelike.” (PROGRAM CINEMA)


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