Liquid Child is a project by Tobias Menguser and Jürgen Herbarth on the label Reef Recordings. They achieved the highest chart success with their single “Diving Faces” in 1998 in the British singles charts in 25th place. 1999 saw “Return to Atlantis“,  the second track including a Ferry Corsten remix because of at the same time his hit single “System F – Out of the Blue” appeared on the same label in Germany. Their first album under the name “25th Floor” was released in 2007 – again on the label Reef Recordings.

Twenty years after the huge success of “Diving Faces” and “Return of Atlantis“, UCM.ONE re-released both singles worldwide again. In addition to the well-known mixes, these two releases also feature digitally unpublished versions such as the English vocal radio version of “Diving Faces” or the Ferry Corsten remix of “Return to Atlantis“.

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