With Marcus Schmahl‘s project “Guardner” and the long player “Symbolism” from 2014, Marcus has led the chillout charts in Germany. He presents his work to audiences as an audiovisual liveact or DJ throughout Europe. Marcus’s music styles in the project Guardner range from ambient and downbeat to club-oriented music and music for television (advertising, film and background music). Many titles of Guardner were to hear regularly in the legendary “Space Night” of the Bavarian Radio (BR).

The label Kunststoff already has more album releases in the planning. Thus, the album “Somedays in my life” by Guardner will soon be available on plastic again.

The cover artwork of the label Kunststoff is individually drawn by Andreas Hachulla. The digital drawings of Hachulla are created during his forays through the Berlin club and nightlife. In most clubs, whose sound architecture is a system of samples and copies, it is forbidden to take pictures. Hachulla uses his cellphone as a sketchbook and keeps his impressions of the club scene in the drawing. Fleeting things, like the flashes of light that make the architecture visible for a fraction of a second, are of equal interest to him as are the architecture itself. The mobile drawing program simulates both the characteristics of drawing tools and the style of the artist / user. As a result, Andreas Hachulla’s resulting images represent a post-digital artistic practice that is not digitally oriented, but that is not possible without digital-technological contexts.