The children’s film “Queen of Niendorf“, which will be released on February 15 by UCM.ONE in the cinemas, is in the preselection for the German Film Award 2018 as Best Children’s Film for the LOLA 2018. The work of director Joya Thome is next to Germany also at cinemas in France, Holland, Belgium and Lithuania. “Queen of Niendorf” tells the story of the 11-year-old Lisa, who wants to join a gang of boys in the Brandenburg summer holidays …

Story: In Brandenburg have just started the summer holidays, but the ten-year Lea (Lisa Moell) does not go this year as usual with her friends to summer camp. In general, she finds the other girls in her school increasingly strange. And so Lea turns mostly alone on her bike through the village and visits the musician and dropout Mark (Mex Schlüpfer), who lives on a wild farm. One day, on one of her raids, Lea observes five boys hauling a large oil drum over the fence of the paint factory and racing away with their loot on a bicycle trailer. Lea’s curiosity is aroused. At the next opportunity, she follows the boys and discovers that they have built a raft on a small lake. But the raft is the property of the gang, and girls are not allowed under any circumstances. Lea wants to be included in the gang and makes a dare. And from then on the summer seems to be full of adventure.

Queen of Niendorf (Trailer)

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