Before it is released in cinemas in Germany tomorrow by UCM.ONE on the film label Artkeim², the extraordinary feature film “Trümmermädchen – Germany Year Zero” by director Oliver Kracht will celebrate its theatrical release tonight at 8:00 pm at Kino in der KulturBrauerei in Berlin.

Many of the actors, including the leading actress Laura Balzer, and the film team will be present. The film screening will be followed by a film talk and Q&A.

Tickets for the event can also be purchased through regular sales:

For all those who can’ t make it today: On Saturday, 26 March 2022, director Oliver Kracht and leading actress Laura Balzer will be guests at a special screening at Ladenkino in Berlin.

The film, the screenplay of which won Oliver Kracht the Thomas Strittmatter Award during the Berlinale in 2019, celebrated its world premiere at the 55th Hofer Filmtage in 2021, where it received a Special Mention from the jury of the Förderpreis Neues Deutsches Kino in addition to the Bild-Kunst-Förderpreis for “Best Costume Design” and “Best Production Design.”

The resonant, provocative story of emancipation set against the backdrop of a new beginning in the ruins of World War II stars an impressive Laura Balzer (nominated for the Götz George Young Talent Award at the First Steps Awards), who, with the support of a terrific, predominantly female ensemble (including Valery Tscheplanowa, Lena Urzendowsky), takes us on the emotional journey of a character scarred by trauma and oppression.

Trümmermädchen – Germany Year Zero” tells the story of young women’s self-empowerment against the backdrop of the ruins of World War II in intense, extraordinary images and is a blazing plea for cohesion and sisterhood.

A few reviews of the film:

“‘Trümmermädchen – Germany Year Zero’ shows hard-core feminism in post-war Germany – not infrequently grotesque, violent and requiring some getting used to, but above all: brilliant (Indiekino)

“A multi-layered reflection on the sexual oppression of women and a gripping plea for gender equality.” (

“Not only, but especially in German cinema they have become rare: Films that smash. That break with narrative conventions and viewing habits and leave the audience with the shards. In the best case, something new emerges from the fragments. Oliver Kracht’s feature-length debut is one of these.” (

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